Google Analytics for Beginners

Here's some of our favorite projects

My top posts on Facebook had 150k post reach and 600 shares each. They were both for humor based products and utilized Facebook group engagement.

As a part of our plan to increase our social media engagement, we contacted the top local social media influencers that fit our companies demographic: engaged females between the ages of 18-25. We provided them with free photo shoots in exchange for doing a video testimonial. As a result of collaborating with these influencers, we were able to help us engage with their follower base via their social media platform. We used creator studio to schedule these posts to Instagram/Facebook and Zapier to have them auto uploaded to Pinterest. I created a digital clipboard of 90 rotating relevant hashtags to comment under a post comment for better hiding. We added 400 Instagram and Facebook follows in a single day.

I wrote out a renovated client retention workflow for my own business and NimaFilm by keeping emails, setting up a quarterly MailChimp promo, giving gifts, making video ads to share, asking for a video testimonial and having our followers share our contests/giveaways.

I worked on an interesting project I could have improved. I worked with a startup Centz is an app to turn walking into points you can use for discounts. I learned a lot from this project. When displaying an app you need really good screen recording software and the ability to animate. It taught me a lot about measuring what you’re able to do and to have friends with good skills so that you make things happen.