Conquer the Camera

Posing is about not looking bad, avoid the No-Nos

Ask your photographer if their editing can soften skin and slim bodies. A lot of brides have No-Nos they don’t want photographed: cellulite, acne scars, stretch marks can all be solved with editing but it takes extra attention to detail in posing to make people feel good about: broad shoulders, Muffin top, saggy belly or breasts. In addition of course rather than Double chin, back fat, and fat rolls, we say Frog neck, Hen wings, and Seal belly.

You can close your eyes and relax until you hear that 1! 2! 3! CLICK. You should think about the big 3 posing tips then the rest of the checklist

1 Shoulders back, stand tall
2 Twist/arch your body and neck a bit to slim up and add curviness
3 Tongue tucked and pushed against the back of your teeth to tighten the neck and jawline muscles

4 Zoom the head forward just a tad to leave a shadow under the chin
5 Lift the arm off the body, don’t flatten it against your body making it look wider.

Special secret modeling technique: Smiling with only your eyes. Squinching by the legendary Peter Hurley or Smizing by Tara Banks showing how not to take yourself too seriously. Peter Hurley has smart videos on the jaw but don’t get too sidetracked by trying to look good with your selfies. The main thing is to not look bad or make crazy faces when reacting to things.

This is a short guide to posing that will be improved over time. This page will soon be populated by videos and articles.