10 Wedding Photo Tips that will make you Beautiful

Wedding Photo Tips are important, every photographer should send a list of tips so the models are prepared to beautiful. I made this guide as a quick guide for brides to consider so that their photography comes out as good as possible. I know you’re thinking: “Where do I put my hands?” Here’s a good video for that by someone else

We make a lot of learning content on our website so we made a little video on this subject


0:03 Walk and kiss slowly
0:23 Hold flowers at belly button height
0:33 Have photographer say 1 2 3
0:45 Wait for the photographer to say okay you can move
1:01 Best time for photos is the hour leading up to sunset
1:09 Get beauty rest and drink water
1:11 Get spa treatment day before to relax
1:33 No phone cameras
1:51 Have an assistant to gather family for photos and carry supplies
2:30 Assistant should carry: Lipstick, snacks, water, forehead wipes, sewing kit, and makeup

The main thing to know about getting your photo taken at a wedding is be happy, relaxed, and practice good posture.