Dancing Under The Sky

High tech cinematic wedding photography and videography in Tampa Bay

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You need cinematic wedding photos and video

What to look for:

  • Ask for a full wedding's gallery
  • Checkout their promotional videos
  • Ask other photographers who they would trust with their wedding photos

What to avoid:

  • Photographers without a lot of experience.
  • Photos where the skies are 100% white
  • Make sure your photographer is comfortable with flash, a lot of "Natural light photographers" just don't know how to use flash yet

How we stand out


Turning you into a masterpiece
We love hearing your story and turning those beautiful moments and smiles into freeze frame memories. That will hang on your walls for generations to come.

Serving you as our friend
We take seriously our obligation to creatign your family's artwork. We arrange custom editing styles for the themes and desires in your relationship.

High tech sharing
Not only do we have digitally galleries for all your photos, we also create gifs and other beautiful artworks for you to connect more often with your friends and family.


About Us

We are obcessed with cinematic arts

We've been working with professional vidoe isnce we were both teenagers. Connecting with other people has always been our passion in our lives: business, artistic, and personal.